Hunt Trap Harataunga

Ko te manu kai i te miro nona te ngahere, Ko te manu kai i te matauranga nona te ao.
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Trapping through natural means

This trapping groups main focus is to eradicate pests in a way that doesn't harm our whenua or our awa/moana. As caretakers/hunters/tangata whenua we believe our whanau/hapu/iwi should have the option to hunt and gather without the threat of residual poisons like 1080 affecting our kapata kai. These posions don't only affect our food sources but also the native life in our ngahere from the Karearea that fly through our skies down to our Mokomoko that crawl along the whenua to our Peketua that swim in our awa.

How can you help?

Every little bit helps, whether you have a large property or small batch it all starts with the first trap.

You can also help by donating or going to our online store where all profits go towards trapping projects in Harataunga.

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